Helping CrossReach

CrossReach Perinatal Services offers counselling, support and information for pregnancy and parenthood to more than 200 families every week.

In 2016 our 'collaboration' project, which involved 12 artists, designers and illustrators, helped to raise a fantastic £1,000 for the charity.

Here's some information from the organisation's website, which explains why they exist and what they do:

"Many of us have heard of the ‘baby blues’, which affects 80% of mums shortly after birth. Fewer of us know that at least 1 in 6 parents experience significant emotional difficulties during pregnancy and early parenthood.

"For many parents, it’s a lonely and frightening experience. Undetected and untreated the effects can go on for years and impact the whole family. In addition, 1 in 1000 mums is affected by Postpartum Psychosis.

"Since 1988 CrossReach has supported those struggling with the impact of perinatal mental health difficulties. CrossReach Perinatal Services enable parents and their babies to move forward to secure a positive future."

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